Sectarian motive, terrorists block Ghizar road for several hours

File photo: Long queue of vehicles

GAHKUCH: Long queues were seen at Shikhayot as armed gangsters blocked the Ghizar road in early hours of Monday, for their slake apparently based on sectarian motive.

The first of its kind, sectarian incident has been witnessed in the most peacefull distric of Ghizar since the series of bloody attacks on passenger buses in Kohistan and Chilas.
Hundreds of passengers, including women and children, traveling from different parts of Ghizar district, have been struck for several hours.

One of passenger, traveling from Yasen to Gilgit told GBT that more than ten semi masked gangsters, equipped with heavy weapons, have stopped the passenger buses, vans and private vehicles at Shikhayot and forced passengers to get out of the vehicles in the early hours on Monday. The gangsters gave no reason for their action and just ordered the passengers to wait until further instructions being given by their elders."I am a government employee and have to join office at 9 am in Gilgit but have been struck here with my family since 8 am", he told GBT on mobile phone at around 11:30 am. 

He claimed that "the only motive behind the action seems to be suppressing the majority Ismaili population of Ghizar district", as Shias of the region have already been experiencing the worst sectarian hatred. "Besides, no any untoward incident against minority Sunni population was happened in Ghizar in recent couple of days", he said.

Shikhayot is the only Sunni majority village of Ghizar that connects the district to capital city of Gilgit.

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