Nationalist leaders of GB released after 6 months in prison

File Photo: Col (r) Nadir and others protest in front
of UN Observer office in Jutial
 Gilgit: Seven members of different nationalist parties, including some prominent leaders were released on bail from central prison Gilgit on Wednesday.
Col (r) Nadir Hussain, Safdar Ali, Iftikhar Hussain, Mudassir, Waseem, Iftikhar Palay and Akber Hussain were arrested on June 4 when they were trying to approach UN office in Gitgit to lodge protest against Pakistan-China economic corridor project.

Col(r) Nadir Hussain, the son of the national independence hero Col Mirza Hassan Khan, was leading the protesters who were denied access to UN observers by the police. After a slight clash with police In front of UN observer office in Jutial, they were taken into custody and kept in a detention center for some times. Later they were charged with sedition allegation and formally arrested.
However, the Chief Court Gilgit Baltistan has ordered to released the nationalist leaders on Wednesday.

Col(r) Nadir Hussain is one of heirs of great independence hero Col Minza Hassan Khan. He served Pak Army for some times but later resigned and set up Gilgit Baltistan Thinkers Forum to struggle for the revival of original status of GB as an independent state.

Safdsar Hussain, Iftikhar Palay, Mudassir, Waseem and Iftikhar Hussain are leaders of Balawaristan National Front while while Akber Hussain belongs to Karakuram National Movement.