Homeless people brace for snowfall in quake hit areas of GB

Ghizar:  The miseries of thousands of people in quake hit areas have been worsened by snowfall, coupled with freezing temperature, in Gilgit Baltistan.
Thausands of people have been affected by the devastating earthquake that hit northern and northeastern parts of the country last week. The region’s northern district of Ghizar was worst effected where thousands of people, mostly living in remote areas of Phandar valley bracing for the first snowfall after the tragedy.
“Thousands of people here are living in tents, and temporary shelters have not been provided event after a week of the disaster, despite repeated requests”, said Ali Madad, a former councilor.
“The provincial disaster management authority and GB government have turned blind eyes, and yet to realize the situation, the FOCUS, a community based organization is trying its best to facilitate the people with its limited resources, but it was not enough”, he said.
Nine days have passed since the 8.1-magnitude quake rocked parts of GB. But the PDMA and the disaster management bodies at the district level have been unable to reach affected people in high altitude areas of Phandr, Teru, Barset, Golagha Muli and other areas. Thousands of affected people are still without shelter.