Altering Gilgit-Baltistan status will be blunder: Amanullah Khan

The leader of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Amanullah Khan, has urged Pakistan Prime Minister to desist from taking any decision regarding Gilgit Baltistan's merger with Pakistan, saying that any attempt to convert the region into a province would be a blunder.
 In a letter to PM Nawaz Sharif the JKLF founder has maintained that any such move by the incumbent government ‘will bring Pakistan at par with India in many ways.’ Besides annoying a big number of Kashmiris, Khan observed, any attempt to change the status of the region would also adversely affect the world opinion about Kashmir issue.

 "It is for these sound reasons that the people and political parties of Azad Kashmir (AK) do not make such demands," he said. So far as the question of granting rights to the people of the region is concerned, he pointed out, there were many other ways of meeting the genuine demands of the people of the region.
 He said, "GB and AK be merged into each other as two equal units, giving similar status to GB as of AK and granting rights to the people of GB in any legal form but without merging it with Pakistan as it may affect its world-recognized disputed nature."

 Regarding his joint communiqué to prime ministers of India and Pakistan, Khan while highlighting the vulnerability of the Kashmir issue said that the continued tensions between the two nuclear neighbours make it more dangerous for regional and world peace as well.