Powerful Earthquake Rocks GB, Leave 14 Dead, Dozen of Homes Collapsed

At least 14 people were killed and more than 50 injured in Gilgit Baltistan when worst ever earthquake hit Hindukash region on Monday noon.
Thousands of houses have turned into debris and several roads, link roads and streets have been smashed away by land sliding caused by earthquake. The epi-center of 8.1 magnitude earthquake was Hindukash region, in the depth of 193 kilometers, according to PMD.
Ghizar was the worst hit district of Gilgit-Baltistan, where five people were killed and more than 50 injured as roofs and walls of houses caved in due to massive jolts.
An 8 month old baby was killed and 5 others injured when a rock hit passenger van in Jaj Bargo. The van was on its way to Phandar from Gahkuch, the headquarter city of the district. The dead baby was identified as the daughter of Shamsul Haq, resident of Phandar. Shamsul Haq along with three others, Umer, Rahim and Shakila got injured in the incident.
Qayum Khan, the eye witness depicted the scene when they noticed the earthquake: “I was driving jeep and my cousin Majeed was sitting beside me, when we reached Jaj Bargo, we suddenly noticed big stones falling in front of us, we felt like unfortunate fate was waiting for us”, he told GB Tribune on telephone. He added: We got shelter of a huge rock keeping our shoes at some distance so that if we meet any unfortunate situation, people could chase us by finding our shows.” Qayum Khan said.
“The rocks continued to slide for more than half an hour, the whole surroundings were filled with dust. At the end, we find a van badly damaged and with pool of blood. An 8 month old baby was died and her father, along with 3 others, was found injured”, he said. “Thanks God, we were safe”, he told GB tribune.
According to the figures issued by Deputy Commissioner Ghizar, 4 other people were killed and more than 45 injured in different parts of the district.
The deceased were identified as Haji Baig, 45, resident of Hasis, Sadam Hussain, 24, resident of Hakis, Nawaz Khan from Rawoshen and Shamim from Atkashi, Yasin who lost her life when arrested by heart attack during rushing out of her home when he felt tremors. According to police, a man from Yangal, identified as Khan Jan is missing after the earthquake.
Sources also suggested that more than hundred houses were completely damaged in Phandar area which was already hit by cold wave after heavy snow fall just three days ago.
Ghizar road was badly damaged by rock sliding in different areas causing suspension of traffic between Yasin and Gilgit.
Electricity and telephone polls; boasters and fiber optic lines were also damaged, causing suspension of electricity supply, telephone and internet connection.

A woman was hit by rock sliding on her way back home in Ganish. She got head injuries and died before reaching hospital. The rock blocked KKH and caused suspension of traffic for few hours.

A person was reportedly wounded in Gilgit when the wall of compound fell down during the earthquake. He was taken to DHQ hospital where he succumbed to his his injuries on his arrival. 

Several houses were damaged and rock sliding occured in Chilas, Darel, Tangir, Tata Pani and other areas of Diamer. 3 people were killed and several injured in different incidents of roof and wall collapses.

4 people were died and a woman seriously wounded when their car was hit by a huge rock sliding caused by tremors. They hailed from Daniyor. The deceased included Advocate Liaquat who was associated with Chief Court Gilgit for some times.
Late Liauat Hussain Advocate
Late Didar Hussain Advocate