Lawyers express concern over appointment of non–local chief judge in GB

Karachi:  The lawyer community of Gilgit Baltistan in Karachi has expressed grave concern and anger over the appointment of non-local chief judge in Supreme Appellate Court of GB.

“What a cruel joke with the people of Gilgit Baltistan! In one hand the information minister announces the GB is not part of Pakistan but Governor has been appointed and taken oath of office and now a non-local judge being taking oath from that Governor” said Taqdir Ali Khan, advocate High Court criticizing the appointment of Dr. Rana Shamim Ahmed Khan as chief judge of Supreme Appellate Court Gilgit Baltistan.

He said ‘although the bar council of GB have taken stances of this irregularity but calmed down and abandoned their protest in a week or so, it appears that no one is willing to agitate against these excesses. No law is there in GB, merit is being killed and nepotism is at the peak’.

Advocate Khan said that our so called energetic chief minister seems helpless because of his protocol that he don’t want to loose.