BNF Chief Abdul Hamid Khan welcomes Army Chief for his hanging order of terrorists

Brussels: Balawaristan Nation Front (BNF) chief Abdul Hamid Khan welcomes General Raheel Sharif's recent statement ordering to "hang all terrorists", and demanded to punish those who support terrorists.
In a statement Abdul Hamid Khan said " this is a first positive sign from a COAS in two decades. I think, this is not an easy job. 

He said " the General will have to execute orders in the manner Mustafa Kamal Atta Turk did in the last century. He successfully established a secular state, with a constitution separating the government and religion to eliminate the ugly face of Molaism and giving equal rights to the women". 

Abdul Hamd Khan praised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for calling immediate action by calling after the Peshawar Army School carnage by Talibaan. "His party, the PMLN, had shown its full sympathy towards the terrorists during the last elections and even afterwards", he said. 

He criticised Jamaat Islamai, Jamiat Ullema e Islam, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Cheif Imran Khan and Hamid Gul for strongly supporting terrorists. "JI and JUI support to Talibaan is not hidden from anyone. Imran Khan is himself an open spokesman of the Taliban. In Defae (Defence) Pakistan Council headed by General Hamid Gul, who considers Taliban as his children, and other members of this council also have good relations with Talibaan". 

He also praised other parties for their stance on terrorism and extemism saying the "in Nawaz Sharif's recently held APC, except MQM, ANP and PPPP, all the rest are either supporters or sympathisers of Talibaan and other terrorists. Except some Breilvi and Shia religious scholars, all other madrasas, their administration and religious scholars have been recruiting, funding and supporting Talibaan and other terrorists openly. They (terrorists supporters) block any government move to stop or close pro-terrorists institutions (Madrasas etc) and even threat to use gun power in case the government or any individual tries to create any hurdle in this terror production mechanism.
Secondly, in my view, the forces have to restore the ban on beard in the Military like how it was before Zia. This will enable the general public as well as the forces to easily identify uniformed terrorists before their crime. This perhaps could have been thwarted, if no beard policy had not been lifted by Zia to appease and benefit one sect. Thirdly, people who propagate sectarianism and hatred against any sect or religion in civil and military leading to terrorism must be discouraged and very stringently dealt with".

He also explained how blasphemy law meat according to basic principle of Islam " the blasphemy law introduced by General Zia’s revenge policy (so-called Islamic law), which did not exist in the life of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrate Mohammad (PBUH), whose teaching and practice was to forgive and pray for all without any discrimination- that is precisely why he is called blessing for the universe (Rahmatalil aalamin). The meaning of Islam in general is "Peace"- and not cutting the throats of human beings by using the name of God. Those who believe that God (Allah or Khoda- a thousand names but one concept) is the only creator without share of other, should respect the creation (Human beings and all living and non- living things and the whole universe) of God and hence should not destroy it".