Two GBeans drowned off Karachi coast recovered

Rescue operation under way off the coast of Karachi
Karachi: Two GBeans among others drowned at Sea View on Tuesday, have been recovered today.
Ghulamuddin and his nephew Junaid, hailing from Ayashi village of Ghizar district, were among thausands who had been taken to the beach to celebrate Eid-ul- Fiter on Tuesday. Fayyaz, a family member of deceased family told GB Tribune that Ghulam's body was identified at the spot but idenfication of Junaid's body took place at JPMC's mortury. He said that both bodies were found at 20 nautical mile in the sea situated at a close distance of each other. Fayyaz said that after the process completes, the bodied will be dispatched to the native village, at any later time today.
Rescue operation continues at the Sea View and 36 bodied have been pulled out of the sea. Dozens of GB people were also seen at the Sea View, who looking forward to the recovery of both bodies.
Rahat Ali Shah
Ghulamuddin, 22, and Junaid Khan, 16, lost their lives
 in Clifton incident

Both were enjoying Eid Day at Sea View, Karachi