KKH re-opened for traffic amid police security

GILGIT: The Karakoran High Way (KKH) reopened for heavy traffic on Sunday amid tight security after 11 days since the Lulusar carnage.

Convoys of passenger buses carrying hundreds of passengers were left for their destinations in Gilgit and Rawalpindi. A contingent of Kohistan police has been deployed along the KKH in Kohistan and Hazara region. DCO Kohistan is responsible to maintain law and order and eliminate terrorist thread on KKH in respective region.

However, the passengers seem to be unsatisfied with the security arrangements and demanded the deployment of army in the volatile region. "The terrorism thread remain unchanged. During the last sectarian attack police did nothing despite being aware of the several hours long boodshed on the schene. We demand the government to deploy army personnel on KKH in the limits of Hazara Division, Kohistan and Chilas," a passenger told GBT on cell phone in Gilgit.

More the 40 passengers have been shot dead by pulling them out of buses in Kohistan region during the last few months.

On August 16, sunni muslim mobs stopped several buses in Lulusar area of Kohistan district and killed 25 Shia muslims by pulling them out of the buses.

Earlier this year, more than 30 shia bus passengers were killed in two brutal sectarian attacks in Kohistan and Chilas.

Shias and other minority communities say those behind the violence - such as the banned Sunni militant organisation Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and a local outfit Tehreek-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat- are rarely caught or punished.

Sunni extremists allied to or inspired by al-Qaeda and the Taliban routinely attack government and security targets in northern Pakistan, in addition to religious minorities and other Muslim sects they consider to be infidels.

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