Plot against Gilgit revealed by security agencies

Pakistani security officials have got hold of some important documents related to a plot of the Indian intelligence service, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), aimed at alienating people of Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistan and separate the province comprising erstwhile Northern Areas from rest of the country, a national English newspapers has claimed to have learnt through reliable sources.

According to The News, some anti-Pakistan foreign forces are running a covert campaign in Gilgit-Baltistan as part of a conspiracy to internally weaken Pakistan and separating the Northern Areas, known across the world for the natural beauty, from the country. The report said when the correspondent of newspaper sought comments of a senior official of a security institution, he provided such information and mentioned such points and individuals that cannot be reported because of the sensitivity of their nature.

The reporter also claims to have got access to a strategy devised by RAW and another neighbouring country of Pakistan with the aim of creating tension between China and Pakistan. Interestingly, the security authorities have also caught a chart prepared for spoiling the exemplary and time-tested relations between Pakistan and China. “Targeting the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly was also a part of the plot,” the sources revealed, requesting anonymity, the report reads.

The report claimes that sources disclosed some parts of the plot, as, according to them, the security apparatus of the country is still working on the matter. It, however, transpired from the information provided by the sources that the Indian lobby is proactively working to target Gilgit-Baltistan and launch a so-called liberation movement in the region. “All this is being done to isolate Pakistan in the comity of nations, and the creation of misunderstanding between China and Pakistan to spoil the two countries’ strong friendship is part of the same policy,” said the sources, adding that “such forces have, however, so far failed in achieving any success in accomplishment of their spiteful agenda”.