Thursday, September 3, 2015

GB Lawyers Demand and Future

Article: Abdul Hamid Khan, Chairman Balawaristan National Front

We salute the solidarity demonstrated by the lawyer community of Gilgit Baltistan. The unity shown by the lawyers on the issue of our rights is commendable. However, lawyers have been consistently making these demands for the last several years with exactly the same old style of merely asking the same things over and over. After a usual initial outburst of making flimsy demands the lawyers mostly settle for every condition set by the authorities. 
Gilgit Baltistan cannot be legitimately made a constitutional part of Pakistan under the rule of internationally accepted law. It's an irony that lawyers are even thinking of violating the laws themselves in making these fault-ridden and illegal demands. The Supreme Court of Pakistan will only account for the interest of Pakistan and its Military. This is why it did not pursue its own decision on Gilgit Baltistan made in 1999. In this regard I had even forwarded a petition letter in 2013 to the then Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Ch. Iftikhar. But unfortunately, he could not dare to say anything that perhaps favoured the most deprived people of the world, that is 2 million people of Occupied Gilgit Baltistan agony in the hands of both Civil and Military regime of Pakistan.
Although constitutional rights can be very well granted to GILGIT BALTISTAN, the obstacle is not posed by UNCIP, but rather by Pakistanis themselves. Constitutional rights for GILGIT BALTISTAN, unequivocally mean independent judiciary (without interference by Pakistan), our own parliamentary setup (without Pakistan's intervention), and a full ownership of Gilgit Baltistan (without leasing our resources to foreigners including Chinese and Pakistanis and without allotment and further occupation our land by Pakistanis to Pakistanis and other foreigners) by the native people without the necessity of announcing further fake packages, or signing corridor agreements made in secret deals. 

The intervention by Pakistan in any of these decision making constitutional mechanisms for GILGIT BALTISTAN cannot be acceptable if the people of GILGIT BALTISTAN are to be entitled to their full human rights. As long as Pakistan does not honour its obligation to the implementation stage of UNCIP resolutions Pakistan must refrain from attempting to cheat the international community and particularly the GILGIT BALTISTAN community, by abandoning its pretentious veil before the world as a nation that, as if, cares for UNCIP resolutions. More importantly, the indigenous people of GILGIT BALTISTAN now have to awaken themselves from the slumber without further delay, else the losses suffered later on will be irrevocable.

We should learn lesson from our elders who did mistakes in 1947 by having faith blindly on Pakistani rulers. Later, when Pakistan will have silently found its way out of the scene of GILGIT BALTISTAN by letting China take eventual control of the region, we will only repent and mourn reminding the days we didn't stand for action on our fundamental right for freedom.

The conspiracy of the Zardaris and the three Sharifs will itself appear plain in sight before the Pakistanis when China will have eventually taken control over their own country under the pretext of settling the enormous debts that they are amassing by accepting huge loans from China after dumping its oldest friend USA

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