Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Boy drowns in Ghizar river while trying to save a girl

Gahkuch: A 22 year old boy drowned while attempting to save a girl who sank in Ghizar river in the remote village of Ashkoman on Tuesday.

The incident occured in Gishgish village at about noon on Tuesday. A school girl was crossing the river but swept away by a strong current. The 22 year old Javed Iqbal, son of Mohammad Tahir Khan, dived in to help her but was also swept away, while the girl made it back to the riverbank.

The boy's body was found after about an hours some 300 meter downstream.

Water level of the rivers usually remain high in summer but unusual ice melting has created storm condition in the Ghizar river for the last two months now, damaging many bridges, cultivated land, trees and houses in the district.

Javed Iqbal contributed to this story from Gahkuch.

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