Tuesday, December 2, 2014

NSF GB observes international day of violence against woman

Noor Naz Agha and Dr. Azra Talat participatig in gathering 
Karachi: National Students Federation, Gilgit Baltistan (NSFGB) officials observed the international day to "End Violence Against Women" in Karachi. 
A large number of youth and students (specially females) participated in the seminar. The seminar went long for more than three hours on participant's keen interest and question answer session with the honorable guest speakers on patriarchy and patriarchal behaviors. 
Lectures were delivered on the legal perspectives of gender-based violence. Currently functional laws to protect women and their limitations were elaborated by Adv. Noor Naz Agha (Senior Lawyer Supreme Court). Dr. Azra Talat Saeed enlightened the audience about the patriarchal society and the behaviors. Member
of AWP and journalist Comrade Husna Ali described the essence of this day by remembering the Mirabal Sisters of the Dominican Republic.
Feminist poetry, feminist songs and theater were presented by NSFGB, Sindh zone members.

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