Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Avalanchi hit a houses in Yasin, 4 persons died

GHIZER: Four members of a family were killed and four others sustained wounds when an avalanche caused by heavy showers struck a village in northern most Tehsil of District Ghizar, in the early hours of Tuesday.

Yasir, a freelancer from Yasin told GB Tribune that the avalanche hit a house in Qorqolti village killing Tika Khan, his mother, wife and daughter.

More than ten houses were washed away by the avalanche injuring other four persons, while most of the residents succeeded to leave their homes before being hit. The incident was occurred in dawn when most of the residents were sleeping in their homes.

Hundreds of people rushed to the effected village after hearing about the incident. The bodies of deceased family have been pulled out of the rubble within few hours and buried by afternoon.

Two other villages were also hit by landslides triggered by heavy rain in Ghizar. A landslide triggered by heavy rain struck Rawoshhen killing more than 250 cattle. Main Ghizar road has been washed away in the village cutting off Yasin and Gupis from main city of Gilgit.

In Ishhqamen, agricultural land and main Ishhqamen road was washed away by landslide.

Heavy rain, started on Monday afternoon, continued lashing the region till Tuesday evening. Several village have been cut off from the main city of Gilgit due to blockages caused by landslides. Gilgit-Rawalpindi road has also been blocked at several places due to landslides.

Dardistantimes add: —A terrible avalanche has hit qorhqolti on Tuesday in the valley of Yasin and 4 members of one family have died. Tika Khan, his mother, wife and a daughter died in the horrific incident. The Avalanche was triggered by the heavy rain and it originated from the mountains of Matoi along Dadang Chhar. It has destroyed properties along the way and has crossed the Qorqolti River.

Tika Khan and several other families live Shhong Yatey and the area is hit by Avalanche almost every year. This year the residents were not lucky enough to get away the disaster.

According to initial sources the people of Qorqolti and Sandhi have gather around the area for rescue operation.

People in Qorhqolti are in grief over the great loss of the family and especially Tika was a friend of every one in the community.

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