Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Second anniversary of Attaabad disaster observed

 The second anniversary of Attaabad disaster observed in Hunza and other parts of the the county, including Karachi and Islamabad.

Attaabad lack was formed on January 4, 2010 due to massive land sliding which engulfed four villages (Ayeenabad, Shishkat, Gulmit and Hussaini) and the land slide destroyed two villages (Attaabad and sarat) and took the lives of 19 people.

Despite the pompous announcements and promises from the government, for the last two years the people of Attabad and upper Hunza have been living in siege as there is no land contact of the area with other parts of country due to the damage of Karakurm highway. Boat was the only source of communication but due to sever weather the water of lack has got frozen therefore the boat service is also suspended for one month. People are surviving on the relief aid getting from the government of China although relief is not our top priority demand. In addition, for 25000 of population there is not a single doctor hence many lives have been lost due to unavailability of medical facilities. Although the literacy rate of the areas is more than 80 percent however, due to the disaster people are suffering economically so many of the students are compelled to discontinue their education. For the last two years government has been promising to provide financial assistance to the students of the area but still nothing has happened except to the nearer and dear ones. Therefore thousand of students are affected educationally.

The murder of two IDPs on August 11, 2011 by police while protesting for their compensation during visit of Chief minister Mehdi shah to Hunza and the detention of hundreds of people due to baseless reason has also exacerbated the situation, They were quick to arrest hundreds of the youth of Hunza but no progress has been made on providing justice to the father and son who were mercilessly murdered by police.

Keeping in view the severity of the areas, you are request to highlight this issue in your program on January 4, 20012, to sensitize the government to take serious steps to solve the problems of the people of Hunza and to hand over the work of spillway in order to drain water from the deadly lake to China as FWO has failed to drain it for the last two years.

Our another request to chief Justice of Pakistan is the The judicial inquiry of the murder of Two Father and son (Sher Ullah and Sher Afzal) by the police on 11 th Aug 2011. PR by Save Hunza Gojal Committee

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