Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plea against proposed tax on Gilgit Baltistan

The former member National Assembly Marvi Memon filled an Application in Supreme Court (SC), Wednessday, to take suo moto action against proposed imposition of tax in Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

She has stated in her Application that Gilgit-Baltistan has no presentation in National Assembly and Senate so therefore the imposition of tax at GB, is an unconstitutional step.

In her plea she has cleared that, if the tax would be taken from the masses of GB than the tax should be spend on the welfare of GB.

Marvi has requested the Court that according to the current situation there is need to inquire that how can the federal government impose tax in GB, in the absence of their finance minister. She said weather the tax would be used transparently in the region, or it would be collected for use in other provinces or in Islamabad.

She has contended that how could be collected the tax from the GB people without their presentation in the Parliament? Adding that if the GB people are considered as citizens of Pakistan and the tax is being imposed on them, than they have fundamental rights and why they have been deprived from their basic right which is presentation in Parliament.

She has appealed to the Court to take suo moto action on her field application because the federation is going to impose tax on GB, adding that providing of fundamental human rights is the responsibility of executive which is being denied.

She requested the Court to take notice on her application for further consideration into the issue. SANA news

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