Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wang Zunyu is a security risk for GB: Miniral Association

GILGIT: The threat by Mohsin Industries to make Gilgit Baltistan as Blochistan is an extremely serious concern and must be dealt by national security institutions without any further delay, Gilgit Baltistan Metals Minerals & Gems Association (GBMMGA) said in a press release.

A local newspaper, Daily Mohasib, had revealed that country president of Mohsin Industries, a Hong Kong based mining company, has threatened to turn Gilgit Balistan into “Blochistan” if  they were allowed to operate in the region.

Earlier, the operations of company were banned in Gilgit Balistan for smuggling highly sensitive substances, being used in enrichment of Uranium, to India, two years back but Chief Minister GB Syed Mehdi Shah had recently granted it two licenses, allegedly for a huge sum of bribe.

The GBMMGA showed surprise on the calmness and eye closing of concerned Government Agencies so far. Although the Association has already considered Mr. Wang as Security Risk and has exposed about his illegal and suspicious activities since 2008 including illegal mining, processing and transportation of Molybdenum Metal as well as heavy black metal having considerable contents of Uranium in addition to harassment of Chinese business concerns desirous to make investment in Gilgit Baltistan.

The GBMMGA pointed out that the situation now in the Province of Balochistan is extremely alarming due to terrorist attacks, target killings, abductions, and anti state activities due to foreign hands as well as local anti state elements and religious extremists, although few in number. Threat to make Gilgit Baltistan as Balochistan if the locals did not support the company, made the cat out of bag of Mr. Wang’s actual plans and nefarious intentions to create the Balochistan like situation in Gilgit Baltistan too.

The GBMMGA clarified that the Government of Gilgit Baltistan has issued two exploration licenses in favor of Mohsin Industries by pushing aside the 200 applications of local entrepreneurs pending for grant since 2008 because of ban imposed the then. The GBMMGA termed this act of GB Government as against the international charter of human rights as well as GB Governance Order 2009. It is worth mentioning that the company cannot conduct commercial mining because of issuance of licenses for just exploration of metals as such two
sites does not require more than thirty employees but very surprisingly recruitment of about four hundred non technical youth by Mohsin Industries has created serious doubts.

The opposition and uprising against Mohsin Industries in Gilgit Baltistan is increasing day by day and this situation will certainly affect already sensitive law and order situation in GB in general and Gilgit City in particular. So, keeping in view of the threatening of Mohsin Industries published in the local daily (Attached), the GBMMGA demands for declaring of Mr. Wang as Persona Non Gratae and be expelled him from Pakistan at the earliest to avoid any serious situation in this sensitive area. Press release

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