Sunday, November 28, 2010

I will vote for India instead of Pakistan: Shafqat Inqlabi

Nationalist leader Shafqat Inqlabi expresses his determination to struggle for an Independent state but covets to vote for India instead of Pakistan in case there is a choice, an Australian newspaper writes.

“Like my colleagues my first priority is to get independent Balawaristan – independent Gilgit Baltistan; and second choice is united and independent Jammu and Kashmir. However, if only two options are available, I will vote for India and not for Pakistan. I know what Pakistan is like. I have faced Pakistani oppression and intimidation. I was expelled from my home town just because I challenged government of Pakistan over the issue of Gilgit Baltistan Ordinance”, he told Dr. Shabbir Chaudheri, member of an study group who recently visited Gilgit Baltistan.

Shafqat Inqlabi said “our fight is not against India. Those who are occupied by India and suffer at the hands of India should struggle against them according to their conditions. We are occupied by Pakistan and oppressed by their army and their secret agencies, so our fight is here and not on the other side of the LOC.”

He said, “I am not a criminal. I am a political activist and engineer by profession. My whole struggle has been peaceful, yet my hands were tired behind my back and then I was tied in a police jeep and taken to Pakistan on this bumpy road and extremely long and painful journey. My back is still painful because of that”.

Dr. Shabbir Chaudheri writes, “according to Shafqat Inquilabi his business has been ruined by the ISI. As an engineer he had sub contracted two projects in Muzaffarabad and he invested 6- 7 lakhs of his own money which he borrowed from friends (including me - Dr Shabir Choudhry) as well. He was doing really well, but after this challenge to the Gilgit Baltistan Ordinance ISI people contacted the contractor and urged him to take Shafqat Inquilabi off from these projects otherwise he will lose other projects and suffer in many other ways.

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