Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saifullah Chhatta made new chief minister of GB

Gilgit: Secretary for Mines and Minerals, Punjab Saif Ullah Chattha was appointed as chief secretary of Gilgit Baltistan in place of Mr. Babar Fateh Mohammad, according to a notification issued by the Federal Government.

Babar Fateh Mohammad has been changed due to the deteriorating law and order situation of Gilgit Baltistan, source disclosed to GB Tribune, as more than 10 people killed and dozens injured in secterian voilence in the last two months.

Babar  Fatah Mohammad was appointed as Agriculture Secretary.

In the similar move the Federal Government has also issued the notification of the transfer of Chief Executive of SMEDA and appointed Shahid Rasheed as Federal Minister. In his place Additional Secretary for Agriculture Anwar Ahmad Khan will be the new Chief Executive for SMEDA.

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