Court declares Gilgit-Baltistan a part of Pakistan

GILGIT: In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Appellate Court of the Gilgit-Baltistan has declared GB a part of Pakistan, terming the region’s governor as a representative of the prime minister of Pakistan whereas chief minister as the GB chief executive under the Empowerment Order 2009, court sources said here Friday.

The judgment was passed by the full bench of the Supreme Appellate Court Gilgit Baltistan headed by Chief Judge Nawaz Abbasi. The other judges included justices Jaffer Shah and Mohammad Yaqoob, who heard a petition filed in the court by judicial officers of the subordinate judiciary for an appropriate order for their upgradation.

“Gilgit Baltistan by virtue of Article 1 (2) (d) of the Constitution of Pakistan for all intends and purposes is part of Pakistan and with the system of self-governance on the basis of provincial setup has internal independence,” said the detailed judgment consisted of 91 pages.

On the issue of service rules of the subordinate judiciary, the judgment said the chief court of G-B should frame these rules on the pattern of rules framed by high courts in the provinces with necessary modifications, and may frame judicial policy as per policy in the provinces.

The judgment also said the court may create a post for a senior civil judge in the judicial service in order to improve the lower judiciary.


Its the habit of some people whose aim is only to reply and critisim not to present the true picture.For the kind information of there is no Supreme Court or even High Court in Gilgit Baltistan.The name of “Supreme Appellate Court” is confusing some people but not all. Mr. Abbasi the head of this kangaroo Court is a Pakistani national and presented his loyal views in favour of Pakistan. Gilgit Baltistan is a disputed territory according to UNCIP resolutions and it is out side of Pakistani terrotory legally and constitutionally.If this has become part of Pakistan what Mr. Abbasi, the imposed head of Appelate Court describes, then he should order the Parliament of Pakistan to make necessary amendments in its constitution and he should also give direction to Supreme Court of Pakistan to declare null and void of its previous judgements, because Abbasi is Supreme. This bragging of Mr. Abbasi, the Hazarwal to misguide the masses. If he has powers even like Hight Court then why he does not hear the cases of writ petitions against Human Rights violation and why he is here by the orders of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Ministry and why his court and the so-called Assembly have not been given the protection of any law and constition.His order is like an order of a king in a film series.

Abdul Hamid Khan, BNF