Monday, May 24, 2010

Overflow from Ataabad lake likely between May 25-27

ISLAMABAD, May 24: The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has expected that the overflow of water from the Ataabad Lake, Hunza is likely between May 25-27. Giving details of the Attaabad Hunza lake situation, an NDMA statement said due to safety considerations measurement of free board has been stopped from Sunday onwards. The NDMA giving further details of the last measurement of the lake said that seepage of water was recorded at 197 Cusecs Free Board was 2.01 M while the expected time of over flow is likely between May 25 to 27.

Following upstreem villages have been inundated and population shifted to safer places:-
  •  Ainabad- 342
  •  Shishkat-532
  •  Gulmit- 50
  •  Total 924 (Individuals)
Regarding the Downstream Area, the NDMA said that basing on worst case scenario (dam breaches within one hour of overtopping of water), following number of population centres and communication infrastructure are likely to be affected:-
  •  Population Centers
  •  District Hunza-Nagar - 25 villages (including Attaabad & Sarat)
  •  District Gilgit-16 villages
  •  Bridges--- RCC-9,  Suspension-7 and  Bailay-1
The statement further said that 22 Kms of KKH has been submerged in the lake.

Regarding Response by NDMA/Gilgit Baltistan Disaster Management Authority (GBDMA), it added that the monitoring mechanism and early warning system has been established at the site / Hunza.
Army troops have been deployed in Hunza, Gilgit and Chillas to assist civil administration while seven helicopters have also been placed at Gilgit for relief operation.

About the provision of Food / Non Food Items (NFI), it said that the affected persons are being provided to GBDMA by ERC, other government departments, PRCS, FOCUS and various NGOs.
Army Engineer Corps has been made responsible for maintenance of bridges and the FWO for road maintenance.

Regarding the Coordination Mechanism, the statement said that to coordinate response three tier command and control system has been devised.

In that regard 3 Control Rooms were established at Hunza, Gilgit and NDMA (Islamabad).
About IDPs / Registration, the NDMA statement said that Overall responsibility of evacuation and early warning lies with GBDMA, (Army will facilitate the GBDMA).

The NDMA statement said that the evacuation of endangered population from District Hunza and Gilgit has been completed.

Registration is in process, latest details of registered IDPs is as follows:-
There were total 1755 IDPs families(14072 individuals)(out of which 1204 families of (9344 individuals were living in camps) while 551 families or 4742 individuals were living with Host Families, Regarding Kohistan District, the NDMA said that District Administration Kohistan has evacuated a total of 1250 families (12381 individuals) and nine camps have been established tfor thier look after.

Regarding relief activities and visits , the statement said the Prime Minister visited Gilgit/Hunza on May 21, to review the situation and announced compensation of 0.1 Mln for each victim. Detailed compensation package for rehabilitation is being finalized.

Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed ®, Chairman NDMA visited Susat, Passu, and Shamshal on May 21 to monitor the situation while 69 helicopter sorties flown from May 20-23 and transported 1332 passengers and 8.3 tons of food/fuel/ medicines for the affected persons.

Following relief stores have been despatched for camp management: 750 toilets and potable water supply (treatment, storage & bowzer delivery) for up to 30,000 persons by UNICEF six medical module, one cholera kit by WHO and 2500 NFI kits by PRCS.

Similarly four generators for hospital were provided by WFP and 1000 Tents and 5000 ration packs by ERC while installation of ropeways at Ganesh, Hini, Tishyot, Khanabad and Shayan Nagar has been completed. APP

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