Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christian Province for Pakistani Christians demaded

Karachi: (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said in a statement issued here today from Central Secretariat of PCC that Pakistan Peoples Party PPP government have formed Gilgit-Baltistan province for tiny Ismailis community in Northern Areas of Pakistan rejecting demand of indigence population.

After independence of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah entered in secret deal to provide independent “Agha Khan Desh” to wealthy Agha Khan Community in Karachi on bailing out newly formed Pakistani government for six months in 1947.

The archive of Pakistan government reveal that follower of Agha Khan in Karachi paid salaries of newly formed army and civil servants for six months until India released shared funds from State Bank of India but Ismailis stamped their piece in land of Pakistan.

According to secret plans of government of Pakistan, the Ismaili community was provided means for a slow migration to Hunza and Sakardu. The name of centuries old city “Baltit” was changed to “Karimabad” on religious leader of Ismaili community HH Karim Agha Khan in Gilgit and Baltistan.

“I have witnessed struggle for Gilgit-Bultistan in 1980,s in Karachi when Malka-e-Bultistan was leading thin processions on roads of Karachi but she is no more in newly formed Gilgit-Bultistan province structure” said Nazir S Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti said “If government can form Gilgit-Bultistan province for protection of religious community like Ismaili who are in thousands among one million population of Gilgit and Bultistan then what’s hitch to divide Punjab and form Christian Province, Siraiki Province and Bahawalpur Province”

The Christians are 10 million in Punjab and second biggest population of Punjab who deserve their due right in land and resources of Punjab.

Nazir Bhatti added that Punjab fell in part of Pakistan on Christian vote before Boundary Commission during Pakistan Movement but Muslim majority of Punjab is committing genocide of Christians by violence on pretext to Islamic laws.

The hate among religion is at peak that a Christian can not dine in any Muslim owned restaurant in his neighborhood nor during traveling. The Muslims take it un-Islamic to eat food prepared by Christian because he is infidel according to their religion.

Nazir S Bhatti clarified that we support formation of more administrative units of Pakistan as new provinces and support for provincial autonomy.

Nazir Bhatti urged Christian youth in Pakistan to unite for peaceful struggle to form Separate Christian Province on division of Punjab.


  1. Your views regarding liberty to practice your religious beliefs, rituals and live in the society as a free, secure and respected citizen of this country are highly appreciated. However, your views regarding formation of an Ismaili state in the form of Gilgit Baltistan, and state supported migration of Ismailies from other regions to Gilgit Baltistan are coming out of your complete ignorance, and it is a pity. The ground realities are different. Ismailies living in Gilgit Baltistan are seen to be and known as the indigenous communities who have been living over there for many centuries now. Not a single Ismaili living in Gilgit Baltistan has or for that matter his/her ancestors came in from south (i.e. Particularly Karachi or India). Secondly, and in fact most importantly, your sweeping statement about Ismaili population in Gilgit Baltistan is not closer to an iota of what it is in its entirety. Did you know that thousands of indigenous Ismaili families of Gilgit Baltistan are now settled in almost every country today? As of today, the population of Ismailies living only in Gilgit Baltistan is over 300000 lakh not in thousands. Don't be misguided by just presuming that Gilgit Baltistan is an Ismaili state. There are two other communities living over there that are Shia (40-45 % population/the majority) and Sunni (25-30 %).

  2. I agree with the the comments. It is total ignorance, before commenting should atleast get a know how of the history and figures.