Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freedom from Dogra rule marked in GB, nationalists restrained

GILGIT, Oct 31: The independence day of Gilgit-Baltistan was celebrated with traditional zeal here on Sunday.

People of the 72,496 sq/km area, after a fierce war, got freedom from the Dogra Raj on Nov 1, 1948. Later, they Pakistan accupied Gilgit Balistan and the area was decleared disputed territory in the United Nations.
The day was followed by parades of police and boy-scout in a main fuction at Chinar Bagh, officially organized by the chief secretary of Gilgit Balistan.
People have paid tributes to those who took part in the liberation movement and sacrificed their lives to get rid of the Dogra rule.
Political, social and cultural organisations had arranged a number of events including intellectual gatherings, mushairas and games. The Education Department had organised competitions and debates among the new generation. The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation in Gilgit and Skardu had air programmes which would highlight the significance of the day.

Meanwhile, leaders of the Gilgit-Baltistan Democratic Alliance were detained when they kept insisting on holding a public meeting in Gari Bagh Chowk where the district administration has banned public gatherings for security reasons.
Those who were arrested included Col (retired) Nadir Hassan, Major (retired) Wajahat Hassan, Umar Farooq Advocate, Wazir Shafi, Burhan, Shahid Hussain and Javed. Later Major (r) Wajahat Hassan and Col (r) Nadir Hassan were forced to banish from the Gilgit Baltistan and there entry into the region banned. Party spokesperson Safdar Hussain said that they wanted to hold a public meeting regarding the liberty day while the administration said that they had banned such activities in the area.


  1. Nationalist movements of Gilgit Baltistan seem to surrender their basic principle stand regarding the disputed status of Gilgit Baltistan. After defeating in the recent elections of GBLA, they started criticising the governance system instead of demanding implementation of UN resolutions which was there basic slogan.
    This situation is very confusing.

    Rahimullah, Gilgit

  2. Nationalist movements have come to an end because of the narrow thinking of nationalist leaders. Godbye nationalism

    Azmat Khan

  3. Actually the ordinary members of nationalist movements such a BNF started to feel that they are betrayed by their leaders.