Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7,14,966 votes registered in GB elections

GILGIT: Election Commission of Gilgit-Baltistan said on Saturday that 712966 voters to use right of vote on Nov 12, to elect representatives from six districts of Gilgit Baltistan.

According to a list provided by Election Commission of Gilgit-Baltistan, Gilgit district comprises of six constituencies. As per detail in LA-1 number of voters are 47835, 62048 in LA-2, 39665 in LA-3, 21259 in LA-4, 13688 in LA-5 and 34060 in LA-6 are registered. The total registered number of voters in Gilgit district is 218555.

While in Skardu district number of total voters are registered 168729 as 28010 voter are in LA-7, 39325 in LA-8, 23524 in LA-9, 22304 in LA-10, 23266 in LA-11 while in LA-12 the number of voters was registered 32300.

Similarly, the list if election commission of GB disclosed that LA-13 constituency of Astore district had 27299 and LA-14 constituency had 26973 voters. 54271 are registered voters in Astore district, would poll their vote on Nov 12.

The statistics given by Election Commission disclosed that 118576 voters are registered in Diamer district.
Giving further constituency-wise detail the list said in La-15, 38849 voters, 36751 voters in LA-16, 25785 voters in LA-17, 17191 voters in LA-18.

According to list in Ghizer district, in LA-19 number of voters are 27737, while 32533 voters in LA-20 and 24993 voters in LA-21 and total voters are 85263 in the district who would use their right of vote.

In Ghanche district of Gilgit-Baltistan the number of voters are 69572 who could poll their vote in LA-22 the number of votes were 26499 , 25187 voters in LA-23 and 17886 voters in LA-24 who were registered as adult enfranchiser.

The list of election commission said that 330391 are female out of 714966 registered voters.

The Election Commission said that separate polling stations would be set up for women voters to facilitate them. APP

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