Friday, June 5, 2009

Terrorism in South Asia

Abdul Hamid Khan
Before discussing terrorism, it would be better to talk something about the 21st centuries conflicts, which were also an ugly gift of the last century left to the world unsolved. FOR 20 years or more, a few of us in Pakistan and its occupied Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) and Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoK) have been desperately sending out SOS messages, warning of terrible times to come. No one could predicted how the world would be facing the ugly face of terrorism which is the offshoot of USSR invasion in Afghanistan or USA, Europe and Muslim world coalition against USSR vice versa. No one was giving worth consideration to the sectarian/religious hatred which was taught and propagated during General Zia Military regime of Pakistan against non-Muslims and even fellow Muslims in early eighties, when General Zia massacred thousands people of Gilgit by the same Pathan/Pashtoon terrorists (who are now known as Talibaan) on the basis of religious hatred, who did not become the part of his so-called Jehad . After 09/11, the world again has been crying against terrorism. But again the peaceful and democratic voices of the oppressed people of Balawaristan and PoK are ignored. There is no voice in the main world body like UNO and even in UNHRC for these oppressed people of Balawaristan, PoK and Balochistan. The voices of the oppressed people are suffocated in both the places, by in-human and injustice orders and rules of the influential powers. UNHRC dictates what one has to say or not to say, is this a freedom of speech?. In many cases the aggressors are protected by not allowing the victim to even mention his/her name in the UNHRC Geneva, will this end the conflicts in the future?. Secondly, the world community is protecting the aggressor and terrorist master and its financier, by terming terrorism as act of non-state actor. Everybody knows, the terrorists who have been fighting against the powerful NATO forces with equal modern weapons continuously for the last many years, is not possible without state/states. Thirdly, the sale of nuclear bombs and its technology in the world like a hot cake, but the blame was put on one person. Abdul Qadir Khan alone was held responsible for the vast Nuclear proliferation of Pakistan was by ignoring the fact that he was the head of a Military controlled institution, where even the civilian Prime Ministers of Pakistan were and are not allowed to visit. Such ignorance of the world community would lead towards unending crisis of terrorism and other grave problems in the world.The so-called civilian democratic government has nothing to do with such matters. While nobody cares towards the flow of money from a particular country, which is responsible of the mushrooming Madrasas, mosques and other religious activities instead of modern Education, health and other social sector for the betterment of the human being. USA, Europe and some other countries and Banks which provide aids, loans and technologies are also helping Pakistan Army and its intelligence agency to promote terrorism. The so-called fight against terrorism by Pakistani Military is nothing but an exercise to make Taliban stronger and more aggressive. These Taliban and other terrorists can be used against India, Afghanistan, USA and other countries as a part of its future strategy, because Pakistani Military has no courage to fight directly. The war of Talibaan and that of Al-Qaeda are planned and implemented with full assistance from Pakistan Army and its ISI. To introduce Sharia throughout Pakistan in due course is pre-plan of Pakistan Army to get money both from USA and Saudi Arab. Everyone knows that the communication facility used by Talibaan without being interrupted is due to ISI Talibaan understanding, else how could one explain Taliban and Al Qaeda managing to deliver their propaganda material and how do they contact the media? This cannot be done without full support from the ISI. Why has Pakistani forces and its ISI failed to cut the militants’ supply lines; how journalists can talk to Fazlullah and other Talibaans but security forces are unable to trace them; how Sufi Mohammad was able to meet with Fazlullah along with heavy convoy. If the state’s helplessness is genuine, how was the administration able to successfully hold general elections in Swat? Now, there is an alarming situation not only for non-Wahabi Sect of NWFP but also for the whole of Pakistan as well as for the region. The current deal of Pakistani civil government with Taliban will boost the morale of Terrorists all over the whole world.. Taliban menace will not stop here in Swat and Malakhand but this will catch on to neighbouring countries from India Afghanistan, Central Asia up to Europe and even America. ISI has started to create sectarian tension among Shia and Sooni of Gilgit by killing people of both the sects, with the intention to extend its Sharia law to this disputed part of Jammu & Kashmir, which borders with China, Afghanistan, India and Central Asia. People of both the sect are killed in front of the Pakistani forces by ISI agents. The commanders of the Pakistani forces check posts remain silent spectators when people are get killed in front of their check posts. Some commanders openly said when local ask them to interfere that they were ordered by high-ups to remain mum during sectarian clashes. World community should notice the new attempt of ISI to bring Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan) as Talibaan war field after Swat, so the people would be punished till their resistance power against the occupation would be perished. To imposition Sharia law is ISI’s nuclear bomb for the region. China has also been strengthening its presence by the pretext of building Road and mining purpose in this region. More than 5000 Chinese well equipped Military personnel have been deployed on the KKH (Karakorum Highway) to occupy this immediate neighbour disputed territory in case Pakistan fails to keep its hold. This is happening with mutual understanding between Pakistan Army and Chinese communist government. The World should also consider the fate of non-Muslim communities of (Kalash) of Chitral, besides Brelvi, Shia and Ismailia Muslims after fanatic Wahabi Sharia laws are imposed. Saudi kingdom. The design of Saudi Kingdom is to implement their own brand of Islam over the whole world by terrorism on one side and prolong their reign over the region on the other. The world should not call the terrorism as Islamic terrorism, because out of 73sects of Islam only Wahabi are involved in terrorism. Wahabi terrorists have slaughtered women, children and men who do not follow their brand of Islam. They have been bombing Schools, shrines, mosques and disgraced saints and even prophets.Talibaan and their Al-Qaida partners have been slaughtering women, children and men because of their religious differences. In spite of all these in-human acts of Talibaan and Al-Qaida, the so-called democratic government (Military and ISI) has given them full authority in Swat and extended their rule up to Malakand and Kohistan of Pakistan, by leaving Brelvi, Soonis, Shia, Ismailis and Kalash of Chitral on the total mercy of Talibaan and Al-Qaida. If the world want to isolate terrorism, it should differentiate between peaceful sects of Islam and terror sect. The TERM Wahabi Terrorists should be used instead of Islamic terrorism. This unjust behaviour of world media and leaders has put the peaceful sects of Islam and democratic forces among the Muslim community in an awkward situation. The world should rely on the peaceful and democratic forces of the Muslim community. Instead of helping NATO forces the deployment of Pakistan Army along with the borders with Afghanistan is protecting Talibaan and Al-Qaida. In Swat, Pakistan, Pakistan Army is providing training to 700 Talibaan near a lake beyond Shangla Top towards Mingora in these days, and ISI terrorist camps in Astore and Ghowadi of Gilgit Baltistan are still intact. Al-Qaida and Talibaan come to Pakistan Army camps in Waziristan between 3-4 AM in the dark and take huge quantity of Ammunition and Arms by mules. We appeal to the world community to persuade China not to involve itself in the occupation process of Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan) by taking lease of precious mines including copper, Gold and Uranium etc), by constructing Railways and Dams to change its environment, demography and geography. Civilized world should take serious notice of ISI,s new attempt to bring the disputed parts of Jammu & Kashmir, Occupied Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral as their war field after Swat, so the people would be killed by terrorists till their resistance power against the Pakistani occupation would be perished. To imposition of Sharia law is Pakistan Army and its ISI’s nuclear bomb against the region. The World should also consider the fate of non-Muslim communities of (Kalash) of Chitral, besides Brelvi, Shia and Ismailia Muslims after one Sect Sharia laws are imposed. There is no common Sharia law in the whole Muslim world. But Taliban and Al-Qaeda want to impose One Sect Islam by force. —The writer is a Chairman Balawaristan National Front (BNF). Courtesy Pakistan Observer, Thursday, June 4, 2009

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