Friday, April 3, 2009

One killed, six injured in Karachi

Karachi April, 03: A person killed, six others, belonging to Gilgit, were killed here on Friday night as they resisted to pay ransom to some political party activists . Syed Kamal Hussain, 26 who has been running hotel at Pehlawan Goth, Gulistn Johar, Karachi was killed at the spot when he denied to pay randsom to political party activists. As the news of murder spread in the area, some of his relatives gathered in front of the office of said political party and chanted slogan against the party. In retaliation, the party activists opened fire on the protesters, leaving six people seriously injured. All the persons injured are said to be the students at Karachi University. Names of those injured are Syed Subteen, Syed Agha, Qamar, Bashir, Asghar and Maqbool.Sources

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