Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two youngsters commit suicide in Yasin Valley

YASIN: Two youngsters committed suicide in two villages of Yasin Valley during the last two days, police said.

Abdul Sattar, 19, a Matric student at Iqra School, gunned down himself in Ghojalti, on Thursday.

Sattar sustained serious wounds in his head and was taken to the nearest hospital, situated in adjacent village of Taus where he succumbed to his injuries. Police quoted his family members as saying that Sattar was feeling distressed with his academic record.

Another young woman committed suicide in Sandi by jumping into the river on Wednessday. Her body was taken out of the river and brought to Taus hospital where she was pronounce dead. The reason for taking such a extreme step could not be determined yet.

Huge increase in suicide cases has been recorded during current year as the figure rises to 6 in Yasin valley, said ASI Essa Khan.
Story contributed by Javed Iqbal, Gahkuch  

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