Friday, August 12, 2011

Thousands protest in Gahkuch against Police terrorism in Hunza

GAHKUCH: Thousands of people came to the streets in District Head Quarter of Ghiza to protest against the ruthless killing and injuring innocent effecties of Atta Abad flood in Hunza, Friday.

A complete shuter down strike was observed in the city and protesters blocked the main Ghizar Road for several hours.
  The protesters marched through out the city and chanted slogans against the administration and GB government, especially the Cheif Minister, Mehdi Shah, terming him murderer. The prostesters demanded to lodge FIR against CM and sturn actin against the police officer who ordered firing on peacefull protesters. 

Speaking to the rally, Nawaz Khan Naji, Chairman Balwaristan National Front said Since the heinous crime has been abetted by the CM, we should not expect justice from the existing set up or any judge of courts. Therefore, justice can only be done through weapons, terming it “Mr. Justice Kalashankove”.

Sultan Madad, Advocate Nazir, Shafqat Inqelabi, Muhammad Madad Shah, Muhammad Mastan and Aziz Ahmed also spoke to the rally. The protesters axtended solidarity with the people of Hunza, Gojal and pledged to stand by them in the trouble.

The story was contributed by Javed Iqbal from Gahkuch.

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