Monday, August 15, 2011

Police blames locals of taking away weapons, warning search operation

HUNZA: The Hunza administration has warned to take stern action against those who were involved in attacking government installations during last week’s protest demonstrations, blaming them of looting heavy weapons from Aliabad police station, sources said.

A local newspaper, known for favouring CM, has claimed that some one thousand kalashankovs (SMGs) have been taken away from Aliabad police station during protests against police terrorism that left a father and his son dead and five others injured for demanding compensation of last year’s Atta Abad incident. Police has threatened search operation in the region to collect the weapons. After receiving warning from the Hunza Administration, an urgent meeting of local chieftains was held in Boys High School, Aliabad to outline the strategy. The participants have expressed serious concerns over the allegations leveled against the people of Hunza terming it conspiracy to terrorizing the people. They were of the view that, since the usual strength of police in Aliabad has been not more than a hundred personnels, how was it possible the government had stored that much quantity of weapons in a single police station.

A fews years back, the same was experience in Yasin valley when people were deweaponized by threatening them of search operation following a protest rally against the murder or Muslim Khan, a brilliant student of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School. Due to fear of police brutality and misguidance of some so-called political leaders, the people were compelled to hand over their own weapons to the police.

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