Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mir of Hunza on the front line against government

Former Chief Executive of GB, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, presenting himself for arrest along with his wife, former assembly member Attiqa Ghazanfar.

“My father had acceded the State of Hunza to Pakistan with the hope that the people will be treated with justice”, he said during a press conference in Karimabad. He expressed displeasure over the arrest of ‘innocent people’ by the police.

He termed the murder of Sher Ullah Baig and his son to be part of a conspiracy to sabotage the peaceful environment in Hunza.

“We oppose the decision to establish 7 check posts between Karimabad and Aliabad”, he said. “Hunza is the most peaceful area of Pakistan and these check posts are going to make it look like a war-zone”, Ghazanfar said.

He alleged that conspiracies are afoot to destroy the peacefulness of Hunza.

“My life and death are with the people of Hunza”, son of the last Mir of Hunza said in an emotional tone. Courtesy PT

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