Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gilgit Baltistan is legal part of India: Abdul Hamid Khan

Chairman BNF Abdul Hamid Khan terms Gilgit Baltistan as legal part of India and asks indian PM to meet nationalist leadership openly.

In his comments to an article written by Indian writer he writes ''According to the Indian constitution Gilgit Baltistan (28000 Sq Miles) and a tiny portion of J&K which is called PoK (4000 Sq Miles) - are part of India. About 25 (24 one stolen) seats are reserved in J&K Assembly and 6 seats perhaps in Lok Sabha, which are vacant. J&K government does not invite the candidates from PoGB and POK during the state elections with their selfish motives. I had appealed to the then PM Atal Behari Vajpayee for granting us the 25 seats but no response. I requested for appointment with Indian Ambassador here in Brussels, but he denied it with the remark that the Pakistanis will be annoyed. We have been sending our statements against Pakistani atrocities in Gilgit Baltistan, but Indian media attitude was pro-Pakistan and it was asking whether it has been published in any Pakistani newspaper or media, if yes then it can be published.

On the other side, Pakistani Presidents and Prime Ministers have been holding meetings with anti-Indian Politicians of J&K in New Delhi and Islamabad officially and never bothered for the Indian stand. The coverage of Jammu & Kashmir anti –Indian struggle by Pakistani media is praiseworthy and very very bold and encouraging.

I am living in Brussels, Belgium on political asylum, because there is no room for me in India. My fault is to write a letter to UNSC permanent members about the proposed invasion of Taliban in 1998. India has given asylum to Dalai Lama and thousands of Tibetans, but it will never give any shelter to the people of Gilgiti Baltistan in India, in spite of the fact that Tibet is not a constitutional part of India while Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan (PoGB) is a legal part of India. The people of Gilgit Baltistan and PoK should be given all kind of legal facilities like its citizens.

During recent floods, the people of PoGB have been badly affected, but India did not bother to announce a single penny to its constitutional citizens, but it has announced it will give 100 Million dollars to Pakistan in spite of the fact that Pakistani government has insulted India by denying direct aid from India.

We have alliance of nationalist parties which is called Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance (GBDA) which is struggling for independence from the occupation of Pakistan. If India really honours its constitution, the government of India should invite GBDA for Jammu & Kashmir dialogue openly and the PM and other high ranking officials of India should meet us without hesitation. The matter of PoGB and PoK should be taken in the dialogue with Pakistan boldly.''


  1. Its not a part of India. The people of GB dont want to be part of india thats why they got rid of the Dogra raj in GB themselves. Those who oppose it are more than welcome to leave GB and go to India.

    People of GB

  2. We are now part of Pakistan and we are proud to be pakistani.We don't need any shelter or aid from India as we are fully facilitated by government of Pakistan.The world knows what indian army is doing in Kashmir.Pakistan zindabad