Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flash and River Floods cause extensive damage in Yasin Valley

Several house were inundated in flash flood (Photo by PT)

Yasin: Flash and river floods hit several parts of Yasin valley destroying hundreds of houses, orchards and cultivated lands, media reports said.

In Hundur village, several houses were washed out when Hundur water course out bursed its limit at. Several houses have been swept away in Burakut village due to blockage of River Yasin at Hundur. Meanwhile, another blockad was took place in Terset village and then bursed away damaging several houses, cultivated land and bridges in downsteam valley.

A local news site reported that ''severe lighting and thunderstorms trickled heavy sliding and the debris ceased the Yasin River at the juncture of Darhkot for about three hours. The aroyas and flash floods then badly damaged the downstream valleys. More than 100 houses were reportedly washed out. Timely alert put on by volunteer village people saved most of the people downstream as they hurried towards the elevated regions of the area. The stoppage of the river at Darkhot pooled back water for three hours overnight. A debris-blocked swollen river burst later to fen and flood downstream settlements''.

According to the website ''Barkolti, Hundur, Darkot, Gindai, Damalgan are among the settlements to be affected of the recent flooding in Yasin. The people in Yasin are virtually cut off from the rest of the world. Ayub Shah, a TL (Tentative Lawmaker) of Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly has wowed to start a helicopter service to transport the relief aid.

In Thoi about 50 houses were flooded and more than 20 houses havecollapsed. Reports also said that most of the bridges which connect valleys to valleys have been taken away. So far, there is no chance to bring the wheels on the raods as they are severely deteriorated. Fear stirs in Yasin in anticipation of the oncoming bad weather''.

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