Monday, May 10, 2010

Water level rising in Hunza lake

Gilgit: The water level in Hunza Lake is gradually increasing as spillway has been made for the lake expected to burst its banks, may cause heavy lose to the surrounding areas.

The spillway will contain the overflow of water from the lake.

A massive land sliding occurred on 4th Jan 2010 near village attabad, approximate 109 KM north east of gilgit city and about 19 KM east of Hunza causing heavy loss to the life and property.

Slide with a length of 2 KM along the river, width of 350 M to 660 M and height of 200 M completely blocked River Hunza and also covered about 2.5 KM long stretch of KKH resulting in complete stoppage of all kind of vehicular traffic.

Government of Gilgit-Baltistan taking prompt notice requested the Army to handle the calamity.

After the visit of Army Engineers experts a plan was formulated to construct a 415 m long and 40 m wide and 20 m deep spillway cut, to which on 20 Jan FWO was tasked to execute the work. FWO assisted by local Army formation moblised with lightening speed and undertook the gigantic task.

A team of experts from World Bank consisting of Dr Richard Hughes, Dr David Petlay and Mr Allessandro Palinieri visited the site to conduct technical evaluation and suggest modalities to tackle the catastrophe.

At site the team was taken aback to see the response of FWO, they were full of prise for speed of moblixation and the Quantum of work executed by the FWO, in such a short span of time.

The team not only supported the technical approach adopted by FWO but commented that it was the best solution adopted in the prevailing circumstances. FWO completed this task on 20 March and comleted the spillway.

FWO further volunteered to deepen the spillway by 10 Meter against all odds and this 10 M will reduce the danger of damages by 56%. FWO has cleared 4.5 million cubic feet of muck/bolders from the site

During this process working under active slide a precious life was lost while another worker got seriously injured once hit by falling stones. In order to further minimize the threat of dam bursting, FWO is still working wih full vigor to deepen and widen the spillway cut by using over 17 plant pieces from dawn to dusk.

Army Engineers have also started a boat service since 14 feb and operation 17 boats along 11 Km stretch of water and have transported over 10000 people and supplied 120 tons of food and supplies to the stared people.

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